1. TiredOfIdiots on

    You don't need to be judged to a higher standard. It is apparent that you need to be judged to a lower standard with the way you right.

  2. truely hate douche bags that use parents rank n position for name dropping to DS. theyre all a bunch of fuck nuts

  3. YeahMeToo(Tired) on

    So, normally I don't post on these things – but I just had to WRITE something this time. It is okay to make mistakes and not get torched for them, but when what you are WRITING is a torch for someone else WRITING poorly…you should probably learn the difference between RIGHT and WRITE. Just sayin'

  4. Gruntforlife8961 on

    @aaano, IF you read the story, the DS ASK HIM what his father did. He did NOT name drop until the DS ask him, THATS when s$!- hit the fan.
    @ Tiredofidiots, maybe you should check your own writing and spelling before trying to show your superiority, or lack there-of.

  5. jason missy on

    Is this ENGLISH 101? …or army WTF?!? Being a soldier isn't based on spelling capabilities or education level (obviously). Why do you think the army is FULL of acronyms and cuss words??? "FLMAO"! (BTW, I'm the first person to correct people's spelling and grammar, so, I'm not saying I'm better than anyone else on this damn page)

  6. Former Gun Bunny on

    Periods, people! Include your fuckin' periods. It's that little dot that completes a person's sentence or a thought. It's located underneath the freakin' letter "L" and the colon/semicolon.

  7. Oh yeah? are you going to use your daddy your whole career??? What a douche bag… " my daddy's special forces and the CSM of BAC! What can you do to me?!?" Pray you never come to my platoon, shit head!

  8. Phantom Fan on

    Hey, why don't you try comprehending what was written? He said the Drill Sergeant ASKED him what his father does. Sammy then answered him truthfully. Get that chip off your shoulder.