Forgotten at home

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A story that will make you proud, sad, tear up and just before you cry piss you off. Great story with a few great lessons

Sent to us from our friends over at Dysfunctional Vets

Tonight I took my Family to the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet on South Main st High Point NC. as i pulled in a Homeless man said hi he said he was hungry and wanted to know if i could help buy him a meal, he did not ask for cash. I told him to come inside. I told the hostess to seat him and i was buying him a dinner and a Coke. She seated the man. and came back to tell me …how nice i was for doing this.The homeless man walked to my table to thank me again and again for what i did for him. he said he was a First Gulf War Vet. he then ask if i knew another homeless man who hung around Wal Mart. I said yes i knew him and knew he was a Nam vet. said yes that was him and that he was found dead last night.

 The NAM vet even though homeless came to my rescue three years ago when my jeep overheated, and I stopped in a parking lot. The readator cap blew, I got a face full of hot water. No one stopped to try and help.not even the city cop who saw it happen. or theother people in the parking lot. But the old homeless man came running. He went into a shop and brought out cups of water and cold wet rags to me. He stayed with me till my wife got there to help. I saw him often sitting on the side of the street at the exit of wal mart south main st. I would buy him a pizza and a cold coke when I could. This man even though i did not know his name was a Brother to me. Once again in Amercia a vet dies Homeless on the street with no one.

 The person I bought the dinner for tonight was a homeless first gulf war vet. When he went to leave he tkanked me told me again and again how nice i was to help him, I told the owner of the place, I was picking up his bill. The owner told him he was not allowed to ever come back in the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet,when i ask why he said because he was homeless and he said he did not want his coustermers having to eat with a homeless person. He then told me and my family we were not welcome back if I had a problem with his rule. If you leve in the High Point NC area please do not go to Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet on South Main st or the one in Winston Salem.

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