Marine double amputee humiliated on Delta flight

December 16 13:45 2012 Print This Article

Image taken from CPL Brown’s FB page, showing him in physical therapy.

Marine LCPL Christian Brown, newly promoted to CPL, was travelling via Atlanta on a Delta flight this week when he was brought to tears from humiliation. He is a double amputee due to stepping on an explosive device during a patrol in Afghanistan on December 13, 2011.

Brown spent six months in a coma and is still undergoing physical therapy to learn how to walk and adjust to prosthetics. During a return flight to Walter Reed from a hunting trip in Alabama he was boarded last on the Delta flight out of Atlanta.

He was placed on a narrow airport wheelchair and ‘clumsily’ wheeled to the VERY BACK of the aircraft. He was bumped and banged into all the seats on the way back with EVERY eye of EVERY passenger already boarded staring at him. No fault of their own, but rather the Delta crew that decided to parade him in front of everyone while carelessly seating him.

Two first class members offered to give up their seats to him and the crew refused, several other passengers stated the same, the crew refused.

There just so happened to be two unrelated retired full birds on the flight who were extremely pissed and bothered by the situation and took the time to write Delta a nasty gram.

Did I mention that CPL Brown was also sick with a 104 temperature, on top of being in a wheelchair? Did I mention one of the retired full birds was told he could speak to the Captain after landing but the Captain quickly left the plane and the 1st mate, or whatever the hell he is called, wouldn’t answer any questions either? Did I mention that this battle hardened and war maimed HERO was brought to hears from humiliation?

Delta is way too large for a boycott to really do much but why don’t you head over to their complaint page and leave some thoughts. If you are a Gold member or better then be sure to leave your FF# so they can see that loyal customers are pissed too. Click here to leave them a comment:

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