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Iraq and Afghan Vet turned spouse speaks out


From Sarah: Open post to military spouses that say they have the hardest job in the military….. As a former active duty SGT with tours overseas, a deployment to Afghanistan and one to Iraq, I can honestly answer the main question military wives ask because I am now a military wife who’s husband is deployed. No it is not harder ... Read More »

Forgotten at home

A story that will make you proud, sad, tear up and just before you cry piss you off. Great story with a few great lessons Sent to us from our friends over at Dysfunctional Vets http://www.facebook.com/DysfunctionalVeterans Tonight I took my Family to the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet on South Main st High Point NC. as i pulled in a ... Read More »

SM v Spouse Hardship Chart

  First, let me say – I am highly appreciative of spouses who stand by their husbands or wives while they serve in the military especially during deployments. The military adds a special hardship on a relationship and those who last through that and are faithful are to be respected. HOWEVER, pause for effect……I am SO SICK AND TIRED of ... Read More »