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Rucking 26.2 miles into hell: A hero’s story.

An exclusive USAWTFM interview with 1LT Stephen Fiola, MANG, on his unit’s heroic actions at the Boston bombings When 1LT Stephen Fiola organized the “Tough Ruck” event for this year’s

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Boston Marathon Bombing, and the Heroes that took immediate action.

Please scroll down to read original post. Update #13 (05:11 EST) The two Soldiers that have been seen in various viral videos running up to help the individuals that were

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Guard: $34M in bonuses possibly granted improperly

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The National Guard will allow an Oregon recruit the $20,000 bonus it promised her in 2007, even though it believes the money was among $34 million worth of incentives improperly granted in recent years.

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Drunk at the range

National Guard never ceases to amaze me, It’s ok though, promotions are rampant anyways.

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