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U.S. Army Compares New Hacker School To “The Birth Of The Air Force” 0

wdadn: Over the next three years, the U.S. Army will be filling its brand new cyber warfare institute at West Point with the best and brightest hackers it can find.

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The Vet

The Vet   The Vet (revised) Chapter 1 The initial explosion hit the vehicle behind us but shook us violently. Immediately the chatter started over the radio and we went

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Assault Rifles vs Rifles explained

By: Patrick McAleer Let me put this out there so all my gun-ban happy friends can understand… and keep in mind this is coming from a Law Enforcement and Dept

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Petition against WBC

First, let me clearly state we do NOT wish to impede on WBC’s or ANYBODY’s freedom of speech. However, let us not forget that when a freedom is bastardized it

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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Exodus

‎’Twas the night before Christmas Exodus, when all through the b’s Every Soldier was making their mixed drinks with ease All their bags were packed and leave forms prepared, Their

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Army Navy game Halftime Report

  The Army-Navy game is through two quarters of play with the game tied 10-10 at the half. While the Navy are in the locker room undoubtedly grabbing ass for their performance during the

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