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Marine double amputee humiliated on Delta flight

Marine LCPL Christian Brown, newly promoted to CPL, was travelling via Atlanta on a Delta flight this week when he was brought to tears from humiliation. He is a double

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SSG Chad Staples’ incident at Best Western

****LATEST UPDATE IS LOCATED AT BOTTOM OF STORY*****   USAWTFM and the WTF Nation has never and will never sit idly by if one of our own siblings in arms,

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Grandville veteran victim of arson, American flag burned

GRANDVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) – Desecration of the American flag. It remains a hot topic because it’s constitutionally accepted as a political form offree speech.

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This is just how f*cked up my city is!

I live in Ft Myers Florida. There are a ton of veterans that live in this town from different generations., but there is this one, I say again…ONE….Soldier that has been the toast of the town, PFC Corey Kent.

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Neighbors deny an injured Veteran a free home.

An Evans neighborhood association has blocked a group that was prepared to build a home free of charge for a local veteran who was injured in Afghanistan.

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