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We Fly for Freedom


Update from the Mayor of Holly Hill Florida. (15 April 2013)   If you cannot read the embedded PDF, Download it HERE WTFers worldwide, gather round, crack a beer, crack a coke, or drink water. Take a knee as I give you the SITREP. This story comes to us from Holly Hill, FL. A wounded Marine Corps vet by the ... Read More »

The Vet

The Vet   The Vet (revised) Chapter 1 The initial explosion hit the vehicle behind us but shook us violently. Immediately the chatter started over the radio and we went into reactionary drills. I could hear each vehicle commander sending up casualty reports but no one was sending anything from Alpha 3. They had been hit bad. A deep buried ... Read More »

Marine double amputee humiliated on Delta flight

Marine LCPL Christian Brown, newly promoted to CPL, was travelling via Atlanta on a Delta flight this week when he was brought to tears from humiliation. He is a double amputee due to stepping on an explosive device during a patrol in Afghanistan on December 13, 2011. Brown spent six months in a coma and is still undergoing physical therapy ... Read More »

Petition against WBC


First, let me clearly state we do NOT wish to impede on WBC’s or ANYBODY’s freedom of speech. However, let us not forget that when a freedom is bastardized it is minimlized. That being said, all this petition is for is to recognize WBC as a hate group. They can still do their careless gallabandering and parade around disguised as ... Read More »

Iraq and Afghan Vet turned spouse speaks out


From Sarah: Open post to military spouses that say they have the hardest job in the military….. As a former active duty SGT with tours overseas, a deployment to Afghanistan and one to Iraq, I can honestly answer the main question military wives ask because I am now a military wife who’s husband is deployed. No it is not harder ... Read More »

Forgotten at home

A story that will make you proud, sad, tear up and just before you cry piss you off. Great story with a few great lessons Sent to us from our friends over at Dysfunctional Vets http://www.facebook.com/DysfunctionalVeterans Tonight I took my Family to the Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet on South Main st High Point NC. as i pulled in a ... Read More »

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Exodus

‎’Twas the night before Christmas Exodus, when all through the b’s Every Soldier was making their mixed drinks with ease All their bags were packed and leave forms prepared, Their uniforms tossed on the floor without care. A stripper named Star lied snug in the bed. While Snuffy lay beside her dazed with regret. Down the hall was Smith and ... Read More »