The Most Decorated “War Hero”

The Most Decorated “War Hero”
June 17 14:01 2011 Print This Article

The Most Decorated “War Hero”, or a PX ranger. This guy apparently went to a basic training graduation wearing this, thinking he would impress his buddies. Also, he swears up and down that he has earned all the medals that he is wearing. Needles to say he was escorted off the base by the MP’s but this guy is still dillusional, and believes that he has been mistreated, because of his “wounded veteran with PTSD status”

Update: His real name is Nick Androsky supposedly [unconfirmed] his Facebook page is located [HERE]

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Before his FB Page was locked, someone grabbed theses screenshots of his posts, pretty pathetic if you ask me.


























Stories like these make me boil on the inside, If you want you can show him how much you “support” this fool. Bring Back the Stolen Valor Act NOW!

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