Monday, June 26, 2017

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Four US servicemembers injured on new green on blue attack

At least four American soldiers were injured in an apparent insider attack by an Afghan soldier at a base in northern Afghanistan on Saturday,...

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Pregnant soldiers forced to train in field, results in stillborns

Si, this is José. I down hear at the Joint Readiness Training Center, where 3BCT, 10th Mountain Division is currently undergoing mission rehearsal training....

82nd Airborne brigade commander arrested for speeding, accepts responsibility

A brigade commander in the famed 82nd Airborne Div. was arrested Sunday for driving nearly 30 mph over the posted speed limit on on...

Barracks Cocaine ring busted at Fort Stewart

With breaking news we go live to José who's down at Ft. Stewart. Sì this is José. I hear at Marne Division where their mascot...

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