Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Joe's Bunk

Jose reporting live from the 232d Medical BN in Fort Sam...

With an update on the flashpoint known as the 232d Medical BN, we go live to José. Si, this is José. I be down here...

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BREAKING: Chlorine gas bomb found, disarmed on military base

A homemade device containing what is believed to be chlorine gas was discovered Wednesday on a Louisiana military base, according to witnesses on the...

Scores of Fort Bliss soldiers arrested during wild party

With breaking news, we go live to José who’s reporting from Ft. Bliss. José, what’s going on down there? Si, this is José. I down...

An entire watercraft class caught cheating – Wait the Army has boats?!

Si this José. I am here at Eustis school particularly the watercraft operator course, which I now call #Watercraftgate. I give it "gate" status because...

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