Green Beret awarded Silver Star for defending dead teammates body.

ADAMS0548Richard Harris a Green Beret with 1/10 SFG is receiving today the Silver Star for his actions on September 13, 2011.

While on an ATV patrol his SF element came under attack by an enemy patrol estimated at 20-30 fighter strong, and upon contact the SF element immediately sought cover.

After the initial engagement started, an RPG exploded near Harris and threw him to the ground, when he came to, his teammate MSG Danial “Slim” Adams was laying motionless in the open.

Harris under increasing intense, accurate RPG and PKM fire rushed to his side to provide first aid, but Adams was already dead.

The enemy twice tried to take his body as they kept firing from behind a nearby mud wall and twice paid the price.

Harris ended up dragging Adam’s body against the very wall the enemy was using as cover, where and he continuously kept lobbing grenades while engaging them with his M4 to keep them away from Adam’s.

Three times the team JTAC called for danger close airstrikes and mortars, literally meters away from Harris’s own position under his direction to prevent the enemy from claiming his body.

The team regrouped and the enemy was pushed back long enough for Adam’s body to be loaded on one of the ATVs and extracted.
SFC Harris was recommended by his ODA commander for the medal of honor, it was subsequently downgraded to the distinguished service Cross and now the Silver Star.

Today he’s accepting the medal not for himself but for Slim and the rest of his team.