A Woman Who Didn’t Take No For an Answer – Fan Submission

I was in Fort Riley for 3 years (from 2007 to 2010). I had just switched units from a Rear Detachment that was tracking deployed Service Members to the unit across the street that was deploying them (the majority of these Service Members were deploying to help train the Afghanistan Army). It was myself, a former co-worker from Rear D who lived in On-Post Housing by himself, and my roommate who had his wife visiting (we had separate rooms, but 1 bathroom and kitchen). We were on the First Floor of the Barracks. I was an E-2 or an E-3, the roommate was an E-1, and the On-Post Housing Guy was an E-4.

The Night Before Christmas the roommate got a call from a female he was messing with in Manhattan that she wanted to see him. The roommate said no (for obvious reasons). She called back once or twice and eventually the On-Post Housing Guy answered the phone and also told the woman not to come over. Several minutes to an hour pass and the door knocks (by now the roommate and his wife are in his room cuddling) and the On-Post Housing Guy answers the door and the woman they told to not show up is there. He tells the woman to go away she seems to leave.

She has the bright idea to go around the barracks, open up the roommate’s window and go in that way. She moves the lamp out of the way and steps on the night table close to the bed to fully enter the room (I heard a noise which was the window opening, but paid no attention to it because I had no idea what was fully going on and kept out of the loop). She entered the room and some commotion starts in the room next door. I didn’t hear what was said, but the On-Post Hosing Guy stops playing the Xbox 360 and goes over to his door waiting for it to open.

My roommate opens the door and the On-Post Guy rushes into the room and pushes Manhattan Girl out the window (which was still open). It was unknown when Manhattan Girl did this (before she entered my roommate’s room or after she was pushed out the window), but she keyed my roommate’s Mustang. The MPs were called and told what happened. They came down to get statements from my roommate and On-Post Housing Guy (I didn’t fill out a statement and wasn’t asked to). They caught Manhattan Girl at the gate right before she left post.

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