Angel flight for WO1 Shawn Thomas, U.S. Army Special Forces

The Angel flight carrying the body of Green Beret WO1 Shawn Thomas, arrives at Raleigh International Airport February 14th.

WO1 Thomas died in a vehicle accident while serving overseas in Niger, Africa.

Shawn continually stood out among a group of specially selected and elite soldiers. He was a natural leader – morally strong, intelligent, physically gifted, tactically and technically competent. Most importantly, he was a dedicated and loving husband, and father of four children. In short, Shawn was a warrior from the ground up and he will be missed by his family, his teammates and everyone he touched. De Oppresso Liber—“To Free the Oppressed.”We extend our condolences to WO1 Thomas’ family and teammates. He was an amazing person and soldier and his loss will continue to be felt throughout the community.

Footage courtesy of Lisa West Williams