Army drone goes missing in Arizona

The military in southern Arizona is missing a $1.5 million aircraft.

Officials from Fort Huachuca say an unmanned aircraft launched on Tuesday went missing after losing connection with the ground station.

UAS Mafia members tell us the missing bird just “had enough of this shit”. Apparently in addition to now being required to fly with a PT Belt, they were also told to “start saluting”, reduce crew rest to “15 Minutes Max”, and “hotels are off limits on the weekends.” Sources say the ground control operator is being put in for a Purple Heart, and a ARCOM (w/ valor) for their heroic efforts in trying to reestablish the control link. Officials at Fort Huachuca offered no comment. Rumor has it the drone was last seen leaving the Sierra Vista Food City with a case of PBR and accompanied by a local Bisbee citizen.