Barracks Bunnies at the Great Place – Fan Submission

I was at a friend’s house for a BBQ, and we noticed across the street were some other people from within the BN also having a BBQ. So me and her walk over and I see a really cute girl sitting kinda off by herself. So, with my liquid courage well in bloom, I walk over and sit next to her. We are talking for a few minutes and hitting it off pretty well. I finally ask if she has a boyfriend, and she says, “Yes, it’s actually the guy in front of you playing beer pong.” I turn to her and say, to this human being, “Oh. Well. Ditch the zero, get with the hero.” She kinda just laughs and we keep on talking.

The boyfriend was loud and looked kinda douchey and I was drunk, so it didn’t phase me. We keep on talking and eventually I ask for her number. She says, “Well…my boyfriend’s right there, how would it make me look if I just give you my number?” And I say, “I think it’d make you look pretty awesome.” And she laughs. A few minutes later she says her foot hurts, and I let her know I’m a medic and can take a look. I look at it (it’s fine) and I give her my number, in case she has any questions about her…foot.

The next morning we text a little, and a few days later I get invited to her barracks room to watch a movie. This was 8pm on a Tuesday. She answers the door in her underwear, and lo and behold I learn she had just broken up with her boyfriend that day. Within minutes of the crappy movie we are having the sex. After we switch positions, I notice her roommate is still in the room, with her headphones, just staring at the wall. We’re too far in at this point to stop, so we just switch positions again and carry on. After we’re done, as I’m leaving, I get invited to a Halloween party in their barracks room in a few days. I say hell yea I’ll go. Fast forward to the night of the party, and I start hitting on the girl again.

She’s kinda stand offish and admits she got back with her boyfriend, but she says I should still stay and have fun. I’m like ah damn and figure I’d stay around for a few drinks then take off. Every time I’d go outside to smoke, though, her roommate (the one who was in the room as we were doing it) is like, “Where ya going?” And Im like, “Uh..outside to smoke.” And she’s like, “You better come back!” And I’m just like..”Ok.” This happens three or four times, the where you going, etc. The last time I go out to smoke, the roommate comes up, grabs me by the balls, and says, “I’ve wanted to fuck you since that class we took together.” (We had taken whatever Army class a few months prior. I noticed she was cute but didn’t talk to her or anything). And I’m like..uh…sweet. And I go out to smoke, thinking I’m going to be smashing the roommate for sure.

By the time I see her again, she’s already up on another dude. My cockblocking mode jumps in, and I try to stop it. And then she gets upset throws the whole, “Well, you fucked my roommate! While I was in the room!” thing in my face. The party had died down and the original girl was already asleep, so the roommate comes in and is like, “Hey! ***! (me) is here, and he wants to FUCK you again!” And I’m just like, “Nooo….I want to fuck you!”

Anyways the night ends. The very next night they have yet another party that somehow I’m still invited to. By this point I find out the original girl had broken up with her boyfriend…again. I’m at the party, and same thing, every time I leave to smoke, the roommate is like “where you going?” And so I think I’m gonna have sex with the roommate, the girl who grabbed my balls the night before. As the party ends the second night, the roommate goes to sleep and it’s to the point where me and the original girl are the only ones up. We end up doing it…again. And then again. In the morning, I leave and yea.

Not gonna lie. Still tried to get with the roommate. But when she had learned I had done it with her in the room…again..and again…she was not down for it. All well. You live and you learn I suppose.

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