When the drunk NCO took over my convoy

So here I am on a Monday morning in Korea and my convoy section is about to roll out to do some high speed mission. We are just finishing up inspecting the exterior of the vehicles for loose parts or equipment when a SSG who is not even in my unit, SSG HighSpeed rolls up on me.

I greet him, “Good morning SSG” and he smiles and nods in acknowledgement; immediately something felt off.

I had seen him around post a few times but never really knew where he worked or what unit he was with. I shockingly notice that he is starting to load his gear into the rear of my vehicle and I begin to wonder what the hell this guy is trying to do.

I ask, “SSG can I help you with something?”

He replies, “Well we are supposed to go to the range and we are already running late so we have to get moving! You guys are behind the curve!”

At this point I notice he is slurring his speech and I am completely confused. I go and grab a few of my guys and ask what the hell the plan is to deal with this situation. He had already spoken to a few of my peers and they all got the same impression as I did. My supervisor SSG LowDrag has a brief encounter with SSG HighSpeed and comes to the realization that this guy is obliterated drunk on duty trying to load up in a convoy with a completely different unit for a mission that does not even remotely involve him.

Even with this information to our dismay SSG LowDrag does absolutely nothing about it, as he had a reputation for doing nothing when difficult decisions had to be made. SSG HighSpeed then proceeds to take over the Convoy Brief and instructs us on safety and other important topics. The entire time my section is losing their minds about what is happening right before their eyes.

Finally a SPC addresses the SSG, “Listen Sergeant, you need to go to your room or something this is not your convoy and it’s not even your unit.”

SSG HighSpeed seems disappointed at first but takes his gear out of my vehicle and starts to walk away. Everyone takes this as a cue to GTFO and mounts up in their vehicles to roll out. As we are start to move we see our Battalion Commander and CSM walking up and knew that SSG HighSpeed had a world of hurt coming his way.

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