Honey, I’m home

While stationed at Ft. Carson, we were down range for a couple of weeks. Just like every other time everyone is busting their butts to get finished so we can go home,including me. Just as I was about to leave one of my buddies comes up and says he can’t get in touch with his wife and would I mind taking him home. I’m thinking shit, Newton* lives all the way up by the Air Force Academy (45 min. trip) and I live in Security (5 minutes from the front gate).

Being a friend, I say let’s roll. We get to his apartment, grab his gear and haul it into his pad. He unlocked the door and stepped in and I look at Newton and he is white as a sheet. The place was completely empty. Not even a light bulb was left. Furniture, everything, even his dog he had since high school. All gone.

Newton was like I know you want to get home but would you please take me by the bank. So we go to the bank. After about 15 minutes he comes out with a look on his face and I knew the answer before he said anything. Bank account empty and closed. I don’t know if he ever found her or what happened.

I left Carson about seven months later and he still had never heard from her. She was a beautiful woman. But she was also a “practicing witch”. The kind that will put a hex on your ass if you cross her the wrong way. I saw her quite a few times and never saw her wear any clothing that wasn’t black. It’s just funny how the events of that day years ago unfolded. Probably not to funny for my buddy, but I hope everything worked out for him.

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* Name changed.