Jody’s Cocaine

So this one came from my old drill sergeant not myself.

One day he asked us, any of you fuckers get Jodied? Somebody actually had and told his story. Drill sergeant said you need to get even and asked him what he was going to do.

The private said nothing, he doesn’t know what [he could] do an asked for advice. Drill Sergeant sat there for a second and said here’s the best Jody story I’ve ever heard.

It was during my first deployment. My buddy just got married to a girl then shipped out with us. When it came near the end of our deployment he was on the phone with her and she told him she found another guy and that this guy had moved in with her, into the house my buddy was paying for her.

He was actually really cool about it he went back home signed the divorce papers went to the house and stayed in the guest room for a while. Then one day they were fucking and he could hear them. She was being especially loud that night and he couldn’t ignore her.

So he called me up asked me if I still had any of my old contacts before I got in because he had a purchase to make. I shit you not privates, he bought $6000 of cocaine, put it in his car and called in a tip. Jody got sentenced to 12 years federal prison, my buddy spent most of his deployment money on cocaine that he wasted, and the ex wife left at this point.

All of us are just standing there gawking at him and he made us do pushups for losing our military bearing.

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