Karma is wonderful!

Long story short. I am a career recruiter, and have been on recruiting duty since 2004. My ex wife in 2011 decided she wanted to seek out a Jodie. I found out she had been messing with this guy behind my back. I found out where he lived, took pictures of the entire perimeter of his house, his kids, his car, ect made copies and shoved them in his mailbox with a nice note.

Later, after we divorce and I become homeless with nothing but some trash bags filled with clothes and Army uniforms, she marries this scumbag and moves him in. Fast forward to Dec, 2016. Keep in mind I have been paying satan’s daugther $1326.00 monthly in child support since our divorce, she still fails to pay her bills (All of them). Her car gets repo’d, her husband leaves her and she is about to get foreclosed on for not making a house payment in three years. Don’t ask, I have no clue how that is possible.

After my divorce I was forced to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy several years ago. I paid a five year plan off in three, got a clean slate, met an amazing woman, bought a 3000 sq ft home and two nice vehicles. On top of that, I am in the process of getting custody of my children and that bitch will be paying me child support! #cashmeincourthowbowdah