Keystone Airborne Cops – Fan Submission

In 1986, my best friend and I were on Fort Bragg about to cross the main street of Gruber Road where Bastogne Drive ends. On one side of the street (Bastogne Dr.) were the (old) barracks of the 82nd Airborne MP Company, and across the street was Building C5823 which housed our Company (A/4325th AIR). Both buildings faced Gruber.

All of a sudden, about 8 MPS ran out of their building and loaded quickly into 2 lime green Reliant K-cars (MP Vehicle of the day). Then with great speed and squealing tires, they sped immediately across the street (30 feet?) and into a parking space in front of C5823. They then exited their cars and ran at a full sprint up into the barracks. My friend and I looked at each other and laughed thinking WTF did we just see?

Upon our entry into the barracks, my friend and I learned two guys in our company had got into a fist fight. This was truly one of the most hilarious things I ever saw on active duty. All of them MPS could have made it into the barracks in less time than it took to load, drive across the street and then exit the K-cars. They truly looked like keystone (Airborne) cops.

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