Kosovo Chicken Farm Terrorist

No shit, in 2000 there I was providing advice and analysis for an Analytical Control Element (ACE) Battle Captain and he requested a meeting. He wanted to find the identity and information needed to catch an individual who was Rocket Propelled Grenading five chicken farms near Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo.

Two weeks later, I am briefing the US Commander in Kosovo on the following suspects in connection to the Chicken Farm Terrorist. Kermit the Frog “AKA The Tongue” who worked as the information gatherer, Fozzie the Bear “AKA The Claw” who worked as the bodyguard, Miss Piggy “AKA The Madam” who worked the chicken prostitutes, and Gonzo “AKA The Head Pimp” who controlled all the chicken prostitute rings in Kosovo. These four were taking out any chicken prostitution farms that Gonzo did not control. The General laughed his ass off. I found myself doing tower duty for a month. Best duty ever!

I found out that my partner was a very cute horny girl I had been fucking the who time on Bondsteel. Word of advise, have sex with night vision googles at least once in your life. Not having depth perception trying to have sex is tricky.

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