New details emerge about the murder of two 101st Airborne soldiers killed in domestic dispute

Following the deaths of Spc. Priscilla A. East, 32, and Spc. Christopher R. Hoch, 28 both soldiers with the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, KY details have emerged regarding the circumstances that led to their deaths Thursday by the hand of Jeremy Demar, 35, of Clarksville, Tennessee, East’s estranged husband.

Multiple sources within the soldiers unit when interviewed stated that Jeremy Demar and East had an open marriage and both regularly slept with other people. When East didn’t want to be part of that arrangement anymore Dumar became violent and according to them forced her to hook up with other people and provide pictures.

“He started tracking her and constantly had her check in. He reported it to the COC only after she finally got a protection order.When he was removed from the home forcibly he then went after her career. He gave those pictures to the chain of command. She was my friend I can’t stand hearing keyboard warriors saying she deserved to die because she cheated on him.” a soldier said.

Demar has been charged with murder, murder-domestic violence, burglary and assault.

The Kentucky State Police is leading the investigation. The Army said in a statement it would not be releasing any additional information because of the ongoing investigation.