Schofield black mold

I actually had messaged the page regarding this when it was happening, but I was extremely upset and I’m unsure if I properly worded just how extreme our situation was.

When we were just a few months away from expecting the birth of our daughter, our dishwasher started spewing water on the floor and the inside of our bottom cabinets. We called IPC immediately, they came out and said they would replace the dishwasher in a few weeks as it takes that long to receive a new one out here. No problem. But no mention of our soaked cabinets. They said it should dry out.

Over the course of the next few weeks I notice the side of my kitchen cabinets turning black. I suspected mold immediately, and called them. The rubber band had even begun peeling off of the wood, and the wood slightly warped. They came out, said definitely not mold, glued the rubber back to the bottom and were on their way.

Well it just kept getting blacker and blacker, my son was constantly sick, so I called again. They came out and inspected it, said it looks like there might be some water damage and they will order me new cabinets along with the dishwasher. At this point it has been at least a month since the first phone call.

Near the end of January our little girl is born. My son is still constantly sick. Finally around mid February we get the call that the dishwasher is in. They come pull out the old one and see a completely black wall behind it. They replace the dishwasher, tell me they will mention the wall to IPC and leave. We don’t hear anything for another month. I call to ask for an update on the cabenits as the blackness on the side has now spread even more. They say it should be in any day.

my newborn is now around 3 months old. I get a call the cabinets are in and will be delivered the next morning. They take out the dishwasher and immediately start calling more workers and IPC. They come out to tell me the entire wall needs to be replaced along with the cabinets because guess what- it’s all filled with black mold. We had to stay in emergency housing overnight while they fixed the wall and replaced everything. Once they finally saw there was actually black mold, they worked quickly which I was thankful for. But for MONTHS we had lived with that, and no one had believed me. If they would have taken my requests seriously my kids, especially son who was constantly sick and my newborn, wouldn’t have had to live in that for so long.

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