Shitty Housing: Fort Drum Edition – Fan Submission

Here at Fort Drum we were required to sign a waiver essentially agreeing that we can’t file complaints for mold because it just exists everywhere. Fort Drum does not have a warm and humid climate, we’re 30 minutes to Canada in The freezing cold. The only reason I signed was because I was basically forced-we were facing going without a home and could not afford another hotel or going without our things because my son was about to start school, we were running low on choices.

The housing in Rhicard Hills is disgusting. I’ve been sick every month in this house and so has my family. The first two weeks we moved in, the bottom of our feet we’re constantly brown and tinged with dirt, I had to ask them to please have the square tile rugs cleaned. When the man who cleans the rugs said they’re supposed to clean the rugs before a new family comes in, he said they often just don’t do it. He said mine were awful.

When the staining and dirt didn’t come out, I asked the housing center if they could be replaced. They said they could only take the square carpet tiles that were dirty. So they did. I was relieved, but when maintenance came to replace the carpet tiles, they smelled awful and were also stained! I asked if they were used? They said “Yes, we cut costs by “really” cleaning the old tiles and putting them in the houses that need new ones”…?.

Things in my house are literally falling apart. There was black mold behind all my toilets, and they paint over the already soft wood under the sinks. We received our place in absolute filth, I’ve never seen anything like it. Pictures here are just very few of what I have documented.

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