Back in 2007 at we had this awful NCO who was lazy as fuck, like, she literally walked me out to a connex pointed to a tool kit, and said “go put this on my FLA” which was no more than 20 feet away.

After a few times of these sort of incidents I got fed up, and one night I smashed up a bunch of sardines snuck into her tent, pulled the insoles out of her boots, and spread the smashed up fish paste on the inside of her boot, and put the insoles back on top of it.

For weeks, whenever she would come into the tent it would smell like rotten pussy, people would literally leave the area, finally after about 4 weeks she approached me and asked if I put bean dip in her boots, because by the time she had found it, the once silver fish were now brown rotted and smelling worse than ever. Since integrity is high on my priorities I was pleased to say “no sergeant, I didn’t put bean dip in your boots” and it not be a lie.

I don’t think she ever found out what it was, or who did it, the only other people that knew was my room mate and my NCO, who thought it was quite funny.

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