The Thing That Hurts Female Soldiers The Most (Fort Drama)

There are some good female Soldiers out there. But for every good one there are AT LEAST 5 bad ones. The cards are stacked against them coming in, everyone has a predetermined perception that they are going to be the next barracks bunny. The good ones fight this stereotype and do well. BUT then there is ones like I have in my unit. All privates, reported to the unit and immediately started a sexual conquest of all Soldiers they could.

Early on, seniors and peers would witness them openly speaking about pursuing this and that Soldier from whatever Company. But everyone was and still is too terrified to enforce policies/discipline against females due to the persecution of male Soldiers also known as the SHARP program (especially in my unit). So these females continue their sexual conquest of an Infantry Battalion.

One finally marries one of the Soldiers she had been screwing. He PCSes to another duty station and she stays at Fort Drama. Does Operation Fuck The Whole Battalion stop? Fuck no. These females kick off operations at a double time, openly screwing any/all male soldiers. Not only are they doing this, but they openly sharing their exploits with the Soldiers in the unit. Finding phone numbers off the alert roster to identify their next fuck, check. Sending nudes to Soldiers, check. Snapchatting pictures of some of their sexual partners to other Soldiers, check. Texting Senior NCOs about non work related shit. Its ridiculous.

On a daily basis somebody new comes out about being involved with them usually having decent proof of at a minimum of being pursued by these females. But of course, these infantryman aren’t going to turn down something like this while drunk on the weekend. To make matters worse one of their husbands is completely clueless and thinks everyone who is fucking her is actually just her friends.

But all of a sudden, the very well-known stories of their sexual exploits with Soldiers in the Unit are a big deal. The thing is that nobody besides these females are spreading their stories and media. The whole process of attempting to separate Male and Female Soldiers from interacting with each other besides for work purposes took about a week of Leadership involvement.

A week of training lost, because of teenager drama. And now the males have to walk on eggshells, because god forbid one gets SHARP complaint happy despite being the reason her personal business was aired out. That is why the hardcore female Soldiers will always have to fight the common perception and have to work 10 times harder to prove herself. These Hardcore Females need to put their foot down and crush the sorry ass females. The most worrying thing is that this is whats going to come with female integration into combat arms.

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