VA Horror Stories: Vocational Rehab Scandal – Fan Submission

I was retired back in 2014 for a broken spine and ruptured organs so was granted the benefit of CH 31 vocational rehabilitation. It’s like the GI bill, but provides all necessary features to complete my degree instead of just a time limit.

Anyway, the VA rep at the school I attend here in Hawaii incorrectly filed my paperwork to say I was a GI bill recipient instead of a Voc rehab recipient. I was unaware of this until I received a letter in the mail stating that I owed over a thousand dollars for receiving benefits I was not using.

Confused, I went to my Voc rehab rep at Schofield where it was explained to me that I was paid X amount from the GI bill when I was supposed to get it from Voc rehab. So, they want me to pay that X amount back.
I was then told I could fill out a form saying that I could not pay it and they would drop the “debt”. (Keep in mind no one is communicating, their only saying what I can do to fix their mistake.)

Well, I fill out that form and 3 months later receive a letter in the mail from the VA. The letter is 3 pages long and goes in this order:

P1. Your waiver was denied because you wrongfully accepted double benefits which is unlawful. This would make complete sense if I had actually received double benefits…
P2. Under good faith you have been waived of this fee.
P3. Here’s how much you owe and how to repay it.

Even more confused I go back to the Schofield VA rep and even he does not know what it means and says he will ask his friends in accounting. Well, 3 weeks go by and I ask him again and he tells me he’ll ask tomorrow.

The next day he informs me I have to pay it, but he’ll process the payment through Voc rehab so I can use it to pay what they claim I took. Great right? Wrong. I come up with a lot less than what was said was due and get claims saying I bought more than 1 book (which seems pretty illogical) so that money is used up. Two days later I get a letter in the mail stating that they would begin to withhold my benefits due to me not responding.

I have audio of my conversations saved, all emails saved, all letters saved as well, and hope that maybe a congressman could help unfuck this situation, but am not extremely hopeful.

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