When I unknowingly became Jodi – Fan Submission

So I was with an MP company in Hawaii. By this time I was a Specialist. My friends and I decided to all go to the single soldiers retreat. So we get there and me and my friend Jay room together because we didn’t want any snitches if we brought a girl to the room. We get set up and after the retreat exercises we all go downtown Waikiki to the clubs and Jay finds two girls and I end up talking up a hot girl from battalion.

So Jay heads back early and me and the girl head to the room later. We get to the room and Jay and his girls are passed out in his bed. The girl I’m with and I start getting it in and I look over and one of the girls in the other bed is watching (needless to say it was a good night).

Cut to a few days later I’m in the office and my team leader is arguing with another SSG and he yells “OH YEAH that’s why my soldier FUCKED your fiance” as I heard that I slinked out of the office because that SSG was a fucking behemoth and I swear I had no idea she was engaged.

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