An entire watercraft class caught cheating – Wait the Army has boats?!

Si this José. I am here at Eustis school particularly the watercraft operator course, which I now call #Watercraftgate.

I give it “gate” status because an entire class of warrants was caught cheating on a test during their course. Not 3 or 4, the entire fucking class gave the Army the middle finger and said fuck you and your values.

Now one might ask, how could this happen? The answer is ironically easier than one would think. After becoming zealots of the Chief’s Mantra of “Do no work”, the entire class used something called quizlet to get the answers. There may have been some other nefarious means used, but I no able to verify that.

But you may be asking, how could the school find out, they don’t monitor warrants outside of class. Well the dumbasses decided to bring the cheat sheet IN class to group study, and they were caught by an instructort.

So now the CG of Ft. Eustis has quite the quandary on his hands. Does he stick to his policy and kick everybody out for cheating, thereby ending their careers. Or does he pick and choose who’s getting fired and perpetrate the fraud not enforcing the rules?

Oh and one has to ask how long has this been going on, cause you know warrants talk. Are any of the other classes following suit and getting the tests beforehand? How long before CID swoops down and starts scrubbing emails for everybody that has gone to school Eustis the last few years?

This is José reporting live from Ft. Eustis.