Fort Eustis watercraft class caught cheating – witch hunt to find Jose continues

With an update on the watercraftgate news story from a few days ago we go back live to José, Jose?

Si I still José.

As I reported the other day, an entire class of warrant-not-so-much officers got caught cheating on a test and the school was trying to figure out what kind of response they were going to dispense. Well I have been able to uncover what their current plan is. I say current because your snowflake response has angered my tamale soul to its core.

Instead of showing conviction and choosing the proper answer and setting an example for the rest of their students (both leaders and Soldiers alike), the leadership has chosen to play barracks lawyer games in their response. Only a few warrants are going to receive a 4856 (that’s a counseling form for those of you scoring at home) and that’s it. That’s right because none of the warrants “created” the quizlet, they just happened to “find” it and it just happened to have the exact test questions as the test they were to take, they are going to get a slap on the wrist…some of them.

I talk to some other NCOs who are attending courses there and asked them what they thought. They all stated (and I no use their name or which course cause there would be a witch hunt) that they had already been threatened to be kicked out if a quizlet was found. So lemme get this straight, you threatening to kick out NCOs for something they HAVEN’T done, but give warrants a pass that actually did cheat? A source within the school house with knowledge of the situation, and extremely mad that the warrants are getting a pass, informed me that a NCO from one of the classes is currently being offered up a to the GOs for the same thing to make an appearance that they are combating this.

How callous are you people. Soldiers go there to be molded into leaders, what kind of example do you set when they see their leaders treat people like this. You’ll never get blamed if they do the same thing down the line because you’re too far removed.

You have failed the Army, every student that comes through there and those who have chosen you to be their mentor. Furthermore you have perpetrated the fraud that A: officers are held to a different standard when it come to punishment (if this was a group of E-5s, would your response be the same????); and B: You are afraid to do YOUR due diligence and look to see how long this has been going on and to see who else was doing it.

Lastly when I give you piece of evidence to a spouse that was acting as a surrogate for her CW3 hubby, you geniuses think that individual is me. So check it out, I’m gonna break out the crayons so you understand. Screen name GatorRDF is not me. Nor did I receive it from whoever owns it. I have eyes and ears all over your schoolhouse. Your efforts are fruitless, you can ask NTC about how that goes.

There is clearly a problem of fortitude at Eustis. The question is how high does this have to go before the right thing is done? This is José reporting live from Ft. Eustis.