Happening now : TDY from hell courtesy of the 101st

I hear at Fort Huachuca where Soldiers and NCOs of 3BCT, 101st Airborne Division are currently experiencing the TDY from hell. It all started last week when our heroes were told that they had to go to Huachuca for 35 days for some training, and since a majority of them didn’t have a GTC that they would get an advance and everything was going to be paid for.

Three days before they depart on their mission, they are brought in and told that the training had been reduced to 9 days and that the advancement of funds they were promised was not coming. When some of the NCOs started asking questions because the Soldiers didn’t have a travel card, they were told that they didn’t need one because Campbell was paying for everything…..somebody bring up the Ackbar meme cause IT’S A FUCKING TRAP!!!!!

So our guys land at the airport, look left, look right…nothing but crickets. Ok maybe they’re running late, no vehicle is ready for us, so our guys exercise some tactical patience and hang loose waiting for the Army to catch up with them. 6 HOURS later they have to call an Uber to get to the airport because nobody showed up and the rental place isn’t tracking a reservation for them.

Our heroes get to the hotel, who promptly tells them that the see their reservations, but since nobody has paid for the rooms, they should call their unit. A NCO calls the S3 and explains the situation to him asking for assistance and help, cause they Army has been known to screw things up. However, the S3 informs them that they are fucked like chuck because they can’t do anything for them and that they are going to have to pay for the room, food, and transportation out of their own pocket and the unit will try to fix it when they return.

So because 3BCT is supposed to pay for the trip, they aren’t authorized to use transient housing. So because privates normally don’t have a surplus of cash laying around, they cram 6 dudes into a hotel room to try to make their money stretch. Their leadership informed them that a GTC would take 2 weeks to arrive so that option is not available so they just have to figure it out. Privates have run out of money. Some have started selling plasma to cover their nightly hotel payment.

I find out that 3BCT was not the only unit from Campbell to send personnel to this training. Other brigades sent personnel as well, except their guys were taking care of and have rentals, rooms, and are sippin’ sangria nightly because their unit loves them and did their DTS. 3BCT be like DTS? Shiiit that’s just an option.

Who will step in and help our discarded warriors of 3BCT? Will their sister unit allow their Soldiers to help them out? Will 3BCT stop humping the rope long enough to help their own out or will Eagle7 have to step in and show them what true leadership looks like?

This is José reporting live from Fort Huachuca!