Kids break in Army depot take 9 vehicles on joyride

ATLANTA – Four children are facing charges for allegedly taking a joyride in military trucks and causing significant damage.

Nine military vehicles were damaged Sunday at an army warehouse on Lester Avenue in southeast Atlanta.

Investigators believe the children, who neighbors said are between 8 and 11 years old, got into the complex by jumping a fence.

“They were getting into the vehicles at the National Guard center, starting them up and joyriding them through the compound, and I heard at one point they were jumping the vehicles ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ style,” neighbor Dean Handley said.

One vehicle was found smashed into a tree and another was found in a ditch. The cost of the damage to taxpayers is still under evaluation.

The Army believes this is the third time the kids have broken in. They are now patrolling the lot 24-7.

Neighbors said the children have been terrorizing the community for years, throwing rocks at cars and animals, setting a yard on fire and yelling at the mailman.

“They have done some other things, like throwing rocks off of the overpass of the bridge,” said Wayne Sosby, the grandfather of one of the children accused. “We have disciplined them. I have, but it seems like it’s not sinking into their minds.”

The children are charged with criminal damage to property, criminal trespass and entering a vehicle.

“Whatever judge they go through, I want him to try to get them some help, put them somewhere, maybe boot camp. Somewhere where they can get special needed help,” Sosby said.