Barracks Cocaine ring busted at Fort Stewart

With breaking news we go live to José who’s down at Ft. Stewart.

Sì this is José. I hear at Marne Division where their mascot is a big ass bulldog. Unfortunately they castrated it so it leaves them a bit confused about their purpose in life.

But I am here at 3-15 INF where the DEA, DOJ, MPI, CID and the Sheriff’s department descended like a scene ripped straight out of Super Troopers. It seems that a PFC that had been scorned by the Mafia decided to follow the BN CSM’s advice too far when he told them to be all that they can be. So he made himself in the Marne version of Tony Montana selling more coke in the region since 1985.

Life was going good, he had the babes, the blow, Soldiers of all ranks coming to see him. But he let his popularity get to his head and he began to slip. DST operatives had infiltrated his operation months ago and began building a case and then a video of someone doing lines was videotaped and I receive an unconfirmed picture of Mr. Tony enjoying his kingdom.

Then this morning, whether by design or sadistic piece of irony, the CSM congratulated the BN for being mostly good the past weekend despite having a DUI. Then when they returned to the barracks, every cop in a 20 mile radius showed up and raided the COFs and the barracks.

Groups of Soldiers were taken away in white vans. The lucky ones returned a couple hours later, the unlucky ones….well they haven’t been seen. This includes “Mr. Montana” aka PFC Mario Figueroa as he and dozens of Soldiers and NCOs have been arrested, mostly out of C Co.
As of last count it was at 21 and climbing. Another 60 have been detained for questioning. Two working dogs needed oxygen for the inhaling too much blow. There is even word among the untainted that one or two senior leaders in the BN may get matching bracelets here soon.

The head bulldog MG Rainey even commented publicly that :

“We dedicate resources and work closely with our local law enforcement partners to identify and suppress illegal drug use in our ranks. We take this seriously, and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure our Army and communities are drug free. Through close cooperation between federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, Fort Stewart’s drug prevention and detection programs resulted in these arrests. There are over 25,000 men and women serving in the Army at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield who selflessly defend our country every day,” said Maj. Gen. Rainey. “This incident does not diminish their hard work and sacrifices.”

I believe there’s a saying that one awe shit wipes out a 100 atta boys….. well this is an Oh Fuck and it’s gonna take a while to get all that white haze to disappear from people’s mind.

This is José reporting live from Ft. Stewart.

All Soldiers are presumed innocent until proven guilty.