BREAKING: Chlorine gas bomb found, disarmed on military base

Officials in hazardous material suits examine the scene where a reported chlorine gas bomb was found Wednesday on Fort Polk, Louisiana. Eyewitnesses say the are was cordoned off for much of the afternoon. (Courtesy Photo)
(Courtesy Photo)

A homemade device containing what is believed to be chlorine gas was discovered Wednesday on a Louisiana military base, according to witnesses on the scene.

The device was discovered in a car in the post library parking lot on Fort Polk, home to one of the Army’s combat training centers. Eyewitnesses said the incident began after 12:00 pm, when officials cordoned off the parking lot and prevented people from leaving the area.

Witnesses said representatives from the FBI, the military police, CID, and other law enforcement agencies were on the scene, including some in hazardous materials protective suits.

While law enforcement has not named any suspects, the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Department posted a special alert on their Facebook page Wednesday evening, alerting residents around the Mona Lisa apartments in New Llano of an evacuation in progress connected with the incident.

“The evacuation took place due to the possibility that a hazardous material may have been involved,” according to the posting.

A Fort Polk spokesman released a statement through the post’s official Facebook page that “… (s)oldiers noted someone acting suspiciously, in a way that made them uneasy. They took action by calling the authorities.”

Officials say no one was harmed and there is no danger to the Fort Polk community, and that the incident is under investigation.

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