Fort Polk chlorine bomb incident recap and new information

Sí, this is José. I down here at the chlorine central, I mean Ft. Polk were the events over the last 24 hours have been extraordinary.

It all started when some FISTers were out doing some training and saw a dude literally blow up something in the woods in the vicinity of Rosepine.

FISTers know their boom, they saw explosion byproducts were like bad burrito sauce and called it in along with a vehicle description and after initial analysis of the detonation site, authorities confirmed the presence of Chlorine gas. There was a initial shout of freedom across posts as Chemical Officers were climbing over themselves to be excused from this month’s USR report to do their real job. A lucky few were chosen and will have to be put in protective custody when the case is closed because of branch infighting.

As a result of  this Ft. Polk’s finest along with the entire law enforcement community descended on the Ft. Polk library like it was the grand opening of a Krispy Kreme shop. Unfortunately that’s where the humor ends but I try to insert some along the way.

They find the guy’s car parked at the library on post (I guess he no want late fee for the how to build a bomb book) and the lock down commenced. So far I see MP, CID, FBI, CDC, and a couple of nefarious types in suits walking around nodding heads and looking real mean like.

I talked to a Fed that was working there that knows my contact over in the Border Patrol and hooked me up with the following info. “Law enforcement entities have found a disassembled device in the subject’s car along with more Chlorine and two loaded weapons. We are currently executing a search warrant on the Subject’s domicile along we known persons he frequented. The suspect immediately demanded a lawyer upon apprehension so we aren’t able to discern a motive at this time”.

What is not known is the Subject’s motive. What did he want to do? Was he watching reruns of the unit? Was he trying to get out of doing his SSDs? José know who suspect is but due to the sensitivity in the investigation, José no reveal it at this time.

Authorities still looking to identify all the materials that are out here, so if you see something suspicious please report it to the local authorities. This is José reporting live from Fort Polk.