Fort Polk: Chemical Bomb update

With an update on what’s going on down at Polk, we go live to José. Sí this José. I been hanging out at Polk this weekend doing some more investigative reporting on this whole Chorine Bomb thing. But José did make time to call my momma and wish her a Happy Easter, you better have to! Speaking of Easter, did you know when they is lots of cops together working a case during Easter, they use donuts instead of eggs???

But I have new information on the earlier Chorine bomb I report on last week. So the subject I talk about last week but couldn’t release his name because it no put in the police database is Ryan K. Taylor, who my contact at HRC confirmed is assigned to Ft. Polk. Well the judge, he no to happy with Mr. Taylor as his bail set at $1.5 MILLION smackaroons! Have fun in jail, cause I no think you got that kind of money laying around. But you may ask why bail so high (my opinion not high enough). Some of the initial responders, they had reactions to exposure which required immediate medical treatment. People who lived in close proximity to him had were evacuated from their homes for over 5 hours until they could assess how much fallout their was.

Now the good stuff. Late last week there was an explosion at a mock village on post. Well the sniffers went in confirmed the presence of hydrogen cyanide. I no know what that means other than bad so I ask my uncle who dabbles in chemicals from time to time. He say that a mild exposure between 100-200 ppm (USAWTM – you may have to explain this) will kill a human between 10-60 minutes but a dose of 2000 will kill you in less than a minute. Now my fed buddies, they all got woodies now cause this a WMD terror case.

The lesson here boys and girls is that attentive people saw something that didn’t add up and called it in. In this case, our dumbass had weapons and materials in his vehicle at the library, then went in to look up anarchist cookbook stuff on the library internet. And when he strolled out he was looking at the business end of a lot barrels.

So you peeps keep your head on a swivel cause you never know what the day will bring. This José reporting in from Ft. Polk.