Jose reporting live from the 232d Medical BN in Fort Sam Houston

Fort Sam Houston, home of the combat medic
Fort Sam Houston, home of the combat medic

With an update on the flashpoint known as the 232d Medical BN, we go live to José. Si, this is José.

I be down here in San Antonio all weekend talking to Joes, “almost Joes” and some brave cadre and staff and I learn many things. While I understand that basic training and AIT are supposed to be stressful to prepare them for combat, I undercover a sinister current moving under the surface. But first we start the radioactively hot subject of urinalysis.

I learn that making trainees wait until they piss on themselves is not just reserved to the current group going through training. This sadistic action has gone one for a while with the majority of the actors being the DCMT instructors. Threatening Article 15’s for anyone who had an accident because they could no longer wait is commonplace among these instructors. But the DCMT Instructors are not the only ones jumping on this bandwagon.

I speak a NCO in the BN who told me about another incident that took place not too long ago. Apparently the trainees were told to drink a lot of water the night before so they did, then the CQ SGT forbid the use of the latrine around 0300. After the morning formation over 80 females were shuffled into the holding room and the competition of first come first served commenced. Some ended up having to pee in the corner, some in their camelbacks while some just peed on themselves. It was so bad that several females ended up with an UTI and one ended up with a kidney infection. Now before you all grab the pitchforks, there was a lone crusader that owned up for the actions of others.

The BN CDR found out and apologized to the trainees and made the sergeants from the holding room apologize as well. Some of the sergeants were sincere in their apologies, but there were others that tried to hide behind regulations and told them to quit being weak females. Oh in case you wonder, the CSM, well she no show up for that either. Oh and the male soldier who also shit on himself? They unit MADE him go buy new pair of OCPs because they made him throw away the other pair. But that only after they make him walk around for a hour before he could take a shower.

I move next to the UCMJ and how justice is not only not blind but she in the pocket of the cadre. Besides the threatening with judicial action if they can’t wait 5 hours or more for their number to be called to pee, or threatening them if they lose control of bodily functions, I undercover there are other instances where justice has no been served. I learn that people that get a field grade article 15 are not offered the chance to present statements or don’t have time to bring in witnesses because they are told right before it happens.

I also learn that there is no accountability for counseling statements or negative action that are implemented. I saw counseling statement that a trainee was accused of having a cigarette along with another trainee. One trainee admitted that both cigarettes were his but the other trainee was charged with that violation nonetheless.

But next is what really burn my tamale!! There was a trainee that had a grandmother that was on her deathbed. The first red cross message that was sent got “lost” and the soldier no find out about it until him mother asked for an update a week after it was sent. So naturally he didn’t get leave because they no find out about through the proper channels, which Jose understands that but nooooobody felt the need to call the Red Cross to find out. Fast forward another week and the grandmother dies, ANOTHER red cross message is sent and again the unit “didn’t receive” the message.

It not until the dad, who happened to come across the senior drill’s personal number through iniquitous means, ripped the senior drill a watermelon sized hole in his ass and told him in no uncertain terms he was calling the Army IG (no not USAWTFM) did something happen. “Magically” BOTH red cross messages were found and the trainee was woke up in the field in the middle of the night being told he was heading home the next day. Well the commander never sees the leave paperwork because the platoon sergeant says “you’ll be home soon enough” because he’s clearing and misses the funeral. You sir, are grabtastic piece of unevolved shit that should never be allowed to dilute this great country’s gene pool any further.

Oh and 232nd, I tracking your empty threat of telling people that they can’t contact us under the premise of getting more UCMJ thrown at them. After consulting my legal counsel, I say this to you….fucking try it. Which speed dial do you think the good guys are USAWTFM HQ are going to choose when they find out you’re trying some reprisal BS on someone who’s calling you on something you shouldn’t be doing?

This story really make José mad. I understand that basic and AIT are supposed to be tough and that people will have issues adjusting to life in the military. However it give you no right to degrade people where they are basically slaves. You do nothing but continue that cycle of predatory violence to others when they come back to teach trainees in the future. This is jose reporting live from Fort Sam Houston.