USAWTFM continues investigating 232nd Med. Bn. ; it only gets worse

Fort Sam Houston, home of the combat medic
Fort Sam Houston, home of the combat medic

With an update to yesterday’s bombshell of the 232d Medical BN, we go back to José. Jose, what’s going on down there.

Si, I still José.

I be extremely busy the last 24 hours as my inbox has blown up with current and former students and cadre from 232d emailing me with stories and experiences. But I learn that this cult of personality is not the creation of the current leadership as experiences of this sadistic behavior has been cultured for years. For you Senior Leaders in the army that like bullet comments up front. You need to read ALL of this. This isn’t one you should pick and choose!

We all familiar with my previous report of the actions that are common place during unit urinalysis, so I only report this small update on that. First there is the illegal directive put out to the students that they are not allowed to talk to us because it’s a violation of Army social media policies. Well our lawyer back at WTF HQ already debunked their erroneous claim so keep it coming boys and girls. Second, is that a company commander has already apologized for the actions. While that a good first step, it means nothing if you don’t do anything else. My other thought is how do you not know in the first place? Were you home sleeping when a company wide UA was going on??

Next is the culture of not caring for the health and well-being of Soldiers and just wanting to push stats. There have been numerous examples over the past 10 years of Soldiers profiles being violated, many to the point where they have to medically reclass or get a medical chapter. For example, and this isn’t a lone event, Soldiers are constantly “smoked” in clear violation of TRADOC reg 350-6.

Trainees are often threatened with UCMJ or their life made a living hell. I give two examples, just know that they are not the only two by any stretch of means. The first example involves a girl we’ll call “Sansa”. Sansa received a profile for a leg injury sustained during training. However, despite being on profile, she still had to conduct normal PT and even take a PT test in violation of her profile. When she couldn’t walk normally anymore, the 1SG took her to the TMC and she was told that she needed surgery after having a MRI. Well her PSG talked the doc into prescribing her a bunch of heavy pain meds and made her continue going through training. Sansa is still experiencing pain today as a result of what she endured during her time in the 232d.
Injury sustained while in Ft Sam HoustonMy next example involves Jon, who’s injuries were so bad that he received a medical discharge. Jon was also injured during training, which happens, but he had to have surgery and had a rod put into his leg. Well due to negligence, he slipped and fell down 2 flights of stairs because the stairs had iced over and he was on crutches. The fall was so bad that it bent the rod in his leg. Jon was ordered by his PSG not to say anything, for which Jon ignored and brought it to the BN chain of command’s attention. Shortly after that Jon was given an Article 15 for not showing up on time to a formation. Because Jon wasn’t allowed time to properly heal, and the doctors who conducted his surgery state that he should have had a 100% recovery from that type of injury, he was discharged medically. I include pictures of his injury for your consumption.

Next I move on to the area of denying Soldiers of their rights and the double standard that comes to being a cadre in the 232d. Soldiers (and I mean over the past 10 years, not just currently) have been threatened and flat out denied the opportunity to talk to the IG or SJA. While I have so many examples of cadre threatening trainees, I only use these few. So there was a senior PSG that was banging the commander. While that in itself is no surprise, it was how open it was that will make you cant your head sideways.

There were several trainees and medics that were aware of if (cause you know the aid station is by the company offices, and they didn’t hump quietly or at night) and knew it was wrong and wanted to report it. They were directed that they couldn’t go talk to the IG and threatened to have their life a living hell if they did. Two Soldiers were so distressed over it that they attempted suicide, which sadly enough one tried later and was successful.

My other example comes from a couple years back when a girl, who I’ll call “Arya” was subjected to sexual harassment, hazing just for attempting to exercise her right to use the open door policy. Arya was being re-classed due to greater injuries caused from being forced to exercise while on profile. We when word popped up that she was getting re-classed because of her injury, she wanted to use the open door policy to explain what happened and that she didn’t want to re-class, but heal then continue training to be a medic. Arya was told that she couldn’t use the open door policy, and that she would receive an ART 15 for disobeying an order. Additionally the PSG would make her life a living hell if she “opened up her cum dumpster” and told anyone about it.

We have received multiple reports (double digits) of Red Cross messages either getting “lost” or lack of initiative from the Cadre when told a red cross message was coming. But the most arrogant, inhuman response to an event is this. A trainee was notified that his little brother had committed suicide the day before the Thanksgiving 4 day holiday. The cadre told the private that red cross messages didn’t apply for people in TRADOC. This because the SGT didn’t want to have to come in and process the paperwork, Sadly, because the private didn’t know better he missed his brother’s funeral because someone didn’t want to be bothered.

Lastly, and probably the worst inaction I have read is a sexual assault that happened a few year back. A male Soldier who was in 232 was brutally sexually assaulted by another male. His injuries were so bad that he looked like he had been injured in combat. A police report was filed but the command did nothing to help the investigation. The Soldier received no support of any kind by the cadre and the unit just wanted to make the event go away. The unit cared so less about the Soldier that he was told that if he cared about his military and civilian career (he was a NG guy going through reclassification) that he should just let it go and think of it as hazing. ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! How bout I let some pipe hitting boys I know down at San Quentin have fun with you for an hour and then tell you to let it go?

This is not just a current 232d BN leadership issue, but they definitely own their current problems, and there are quite of few of them. No, this is a culture problem where for YEARS, there has been no accountability for the actions of the cadre, Soldiers are demeaned, threatened, hazed, sexually degraded are overlooked. This sub-human approach has injured people not only physically but mentally and ruined a potential prosperous military career because the cadre does not have the will to choose the hard right over the easy wrong. You should be ashamed at yourselves. I don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror unless you’re a sociopath.

Would you like YOUR child to go through medical training at the 232d Medical BN?? As for you MEDCOM and TRADOC, fix the gap that has been created as a result of the 232d dabbling in both of your arenas before you find yourself answering questions to a Senate sub-committee because their constituents complained so much they have to act.

If you want to see my first report it can be found here.

This is José reporting live from Fort Sam Houston!