CPL Pete’s Escapades

During Desert Storm I was with a mechanized unit and we spent quite a bit of time before crossing the Berm into Iraq just living out in the middle of nowhere desert.

To prep for the eventual invasion, we were ordered to “dump anything non-Invasion essential” and load up on double combat loads of ammo, demo, water and MREs. Our CO took that to mean ditch EVERYTHING…..including tents. (really made it suck for the next several months, BTW) Anyway, my Team Leader (We’ll call him CPL Pete) rigged up a makeshift shower on one side of our tracked vehicles. A wooden pallet on the ground and a couple of U-shaped pickets driven into the ground with one laying across the top of them and an “Australian shower” (canvas bucket with a shower head on the bottom) hanging from it. This is how we showered for several months.

Anyway, CPL Pete wore Coke bottle thick glasses and was blind as a bat without them. The rest of the squad was on the other side of our track playing spades while CPL Pete was taking a shower.

A gust of wind or something blew up and knocked the top picket off, hitting CPL Pete in the head and opening up a pretty good gash across his forehead. We heard a commotion from the other side of the track and all of a sudden we see CPL Pete, staggering around blind, covered in soap suds, sand and blood come around the track hollering “Help me, I can’t see and I fked up my head!!”

It had to be one of the funniest things we’d ever seen, because we all fell over laughing so hard nobody could help Pete. He just wandered around for like 5 minutes bumping into everything and bleeding all over shit. LOL

I have several other hilarious stories about CPL Pete, but I’ll share them later.