CSM teaches a lesson in tact

So here I was a SPC at the time in Korea at Camp Casey. Had to be around 2005 or 2006 and I just served my extra duty (another glorious story in itself) a week prior to this event.

I was one of the color bearers for my CSM and was told personally from him that if he calls me that must I answer and basically if he says jump I’m fucking jumping. Well since I just finished up a term of extra duty, my new SSG also has given me direct orders to do as he says and all that. Standard procedure to not get back picking up trash on Camp Casey.

So during this time I was a mail clerk and my alternate was given the day off because we alternated days and I’m doing a mail run and grabbing my lunch when I get a call from the CSM asking my location. I tell him and what I was doing and he says not to worry about it he’s picking me up for a ceremony on Camp Red Cloud. And of course I said roger and went with him. My NCOIC, a SFC, was already aware and was getting the other clerk down there to handle mail.

So just before the ceremony begins I get a phone call from the SSG asking me where I was. I obliged him and said CRC with the CSM for a ceremony and that he had picked me up. And then all hell breaks loose and I’m standing right next to the CSM and he can hear my conversation. Next thing I know I’m getting threatened with another Article 15 and I’m gonna get put out of the Army and basic scorched earth tactics is coming my way.

My CSM tells me not to worry about it, grabs my phone, hangs up on him and gives it to his driver.

We do the ceremony and I got my lunch in the TMP and we are on our way back to Casey when the CSM calls my NCOIC at the gate and says “I want to know who the fuck that SSG thinks he is that I, the god damn CSM, can’t take any SPC in my battalion to where I need him. I want you and him in my office at parade rest in 20 minutes because I’m on my way.”

I worked in S1 so I walk in the office and was going to get back to work because mailroom hours were over and I had things to do. My SFC looks at me, asks me what I’m doing and promptly dismisses me for the day telling me I did the right thing and nothing was coming my way that was bad. He then looks at the SSG and promptly starts talking to him like he’s the lowest private I’ve ever seen and marches him out of the office down to the CSM; cadence and all.

The next day the SSG apologizes to me and the proceeds to tell me the obvious that if the CSM says go I better be ahead of him going. And that was when I learned the lesson that you should always have tact when you talk to soldiers because you never know who is standing next to them or has given them orders.