Deployed soldiers catch, burn small animals

Shocking photos have emerged on social media, depicting deployed soldiers from a Fort Hood air defense artillery unit burning small animals to death.

The series of four photos, apparently generated through the social media platform Snapchat, show the steps the troops went through to burn a captured mouse. USAWTFM has altered the photos to remove information that would identify the user’s social media account information.

Two of the photos are labeled “lighter fluid, with the first showing one soldier holding a plastic water bottle with the mouse in the bottom while a second soldier pours what appears to be lighter fluid through a makeshift funnel.

The second photo shows a different angle as the soldier pours lighter fluid into the bottle.  This photo clearly displays the uniform patch signifying the unit the soldiers belong to, the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, headquartered at Fort Hood, Texas.

The third photo, labeled “they (sic) about to kill it,” shows a closer look at what appears to be a mouse in the bottom of the bottle, which has the top cut off and a piece of paracord tied through a hole punched in the top portion of the bottle.

The final photo shows the bottle on fire inside a purple plastic cooler in the desert dirt, the flames licking up over the side of the lid.  This photo is not labeled.

Requests for comment from both the 69th Air Defense Artillery Bde., and the 29th Inf. Div., the Bde.’s higher headquarters in Kuwait, went unanswered as of press time.  However, a senior Army official, who asked to remain anonymous because he is not authorized to speak on the record, said “I have talked to the commander and was indeed informed that the incident is under investigation and that action is being taken.”

“This type of behavior is not consistent with the Army values and we do not condone these actions,” the official added.

USAWTFM has the name of at least one soldier connected to the event.  However, at the request of the Army official, is not releasing the soldier’s name pending an inquiry.