From the Inside of Fort Leavenworth, Federal Penitentiary

I had just had my court martial and sentenced to 18 months incarceration. Sent to fort Leavenworth federal penitentiary. We were going through the mandatory orientation, and was introduced to a full bird Colonel. Dude was like 100, full out medical doctor, and on every publication for the Army involving medication etc. Everyone needed something for depression, anxiety etc.

Anyways myself and 12 others still have enough discipline to listen to him and his death by power point when we all heard snoring. He stopped and stared in disbelief. We stayed quiet thinking who is screwed now. Turns out the guard assigned to us fell asleep. I wanna say Pv2 assigned to guard us inmates fell asleep for the docs power point. He asked us not to wake him and went to get the captain of the guards and the civilian equivalent of the military Warden who was a retired CSM.

Anyways fast forward, he comes back and tells the captain that despite being inmates we still have discipline, and that’s not a common trait anymore among the new soldiers coming, at this point we realized he never told them the guard was asleep, because the next words are, *meanwhile your guards appointed to watch over them have none, and shows him the sleeping guard.

The captain thanks us for not being idiots, and despite us being inmates this was a wonderful chance for some in unit training. He calls for a relief for the private to watch us then wakes the private up and tears him a new asshole. I never personally saw that guard again. The civilian Warden just stared in disbelief at all this. Like did this actually happen. The crazy doc left a guard alone with these inmates etc… Anyways that’s my story…. Fast forward to the present, I have since been cleared of all charges, and got out after 7 years of service with a general under honorable conditions. Feel free to retype this as needed. I’m on a phone doing this and my typing skills are not the best.