Paratroopers share bond, kidneys

Rob Harmon, left, poses with Kai Johns prior to the April 29 kidney transplant operation. Johns, the recipient, served with Harmon at Fort Bragg nearly twenty years ago. (Courtesy photo)

Even after nearly two decades, the bonds of brotherhood connected former paratroopers Kai Johns and Rob Harmon.  Now, they not only share the experiences of their younger days at Fort Bragg – they share Rob’s kidneys.

Washington DC’s ABC affiliate WJLA told the story of two Army buddies who reconnected through Facebook, the medium that ultimately alerted Harmon to Johns’ illness. Ultimately diagnosed as kidney failure, Johns, an engineer with Sprint in Loudon County, Virginia, had one last hope. He made a plea across social media to ask for a donor.

“It was like a no brainer. I saw the post and I was like what I can I do to help,” says Harmon, an active duty soldier stationed with the 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade at Fort Stewart, Georgia.

See the story here, courtesy of WJLA.