A real Airborne Good Friday

In 2015, I was a 1LT assigned to 188th Bsb, 18th FA Bde at good ole Fort Bragg. I was “given” Staff duty officer often. Most of the time it was boring same old check the locks. But this time I was a 4 day weekend during Good Friday. Also the British Paras were on their joint ops with 82nd 2BCT.

I knew the soldiers were having a good time hanging out outside the barracks and I had stopped by a few times to check on them and tell them to keep the music down after 2300. But around 0200 it had picked back up and I could hear it from my Company building almost a block over.

I walk up and by the see a complete shit show. There were cases of liquor everywhere, people were chugging bottles and smashing them on the ground, the soldiers were on the 2nd floor pouring beers and the guys on the ground floor were trying to chug the falling beer without spilling. There was an impromptu combatives tournament going on in the grass (which they assured me was safe because the ref had a PT belt in one hand and a fifth of jack in the other). The British Paras are pounding drinks back and reinforcements if new soldiers from different units keep showing up with more booze.

I was honestly impressed.

I had arrived at the same time as the SDNCO from 3-321 FAR arrived and was locking soldiers up and grabbing CAC cards, and threatening to call MPs. After some tense negotiations (by which he flipped his shit at me in front of everyone), I worked it out with him I would stay and break it up and he could go back to the desk.

I told them all they had 15 mins to clean it up and shut it down or I was calling every one of their CSMs. It was like they had trained for this moment their whole lives. Random brooms appeared and swept up all the broken glass, all the empty bottles put back in their cases and stacked next to the trash cans. One particularly smashed British Para had handed me a half empty bottle of grey goose and refused to leave until I accepted his diplomatic gift to America.

By 0230 it was like nothing had happened. Probably the best Staff Duty I had.