The Law of Pancakes

Recently on this site, I read that soldiers were back doing Kitchen Police (KP). I thought that went out with the two cigarettes that came in a C-ration. KP was ended because it kept too many soldiers from training.

I can’t recall the training I missed when I did KP for the first and only time that I had KP but there was a lesson learned in the mess hall that day. There was a mess Sergeatt, first cook and a cook on the mess team. The cook was not present and the first Cook (E-5) asked me if I could make pancakes. Now, Yes, a KP is not supposed to handle or prepare food but then as now shortcuts are taken. And yes, I knew how to make pancakes. \

My grandmother loved to make what she called “battercakes” and would often show me how they were made. Soon, I started to pouring batter from a row of pitchers by the hot griddle. When bubbles formed on the pancake, they were ready to turn. It took a few to get it right but soon there stacks and stacks of pancakes.

The usual quota of pancakes were served and no more than usual ended up in the garbage so they must have been okay. Our first cook may have had a scraggley beard and a gold earring but he did something that NCO’s should do a lot more often. First, he said my pancakes were pretty good and then told me where I could improve. It was then and there I learned the law of pancakes. As follows. Every pancake has two sides. One side is better than the other side and you always serve the best side up. So today serve the best side up