Civil Affairs Climate Survey Reveals Actual Feedback – Command goes nuts

Well I start by saying sorry…been hitting the bottle pretty hard after that last misfire, but fate smiled on me as I drowning my sorrows at BDUBs. I ran across a CPT who was saucing it up pretty good. Turns out he’s a Civil Affairs officer that was celebrating a climate survey that had become public.

Turns out a CPT in another unit did a survey across the CA branch, which was approved by the brigade commander. But it appear the commander did not have his good finger on the pulse of the unit because while he expected a positive, full of rainbows feedback from the CA Captains, what he got was….well he got the full tamale and couldn’t take it.

Reports were so scathing, a trigger warning was activated and the brigade HQ was designated a safe space. Once the shock of Truth wore off, a furious effort was made to bury the report. Making sure the report did not escape to the outside world became the main effort for the brigade.

But supporters of Truth, Justice and the Tamale way made sure I get a copy of it before the brown shirts busted through the door and burned all the evidence to the ground. I attach the full report for you to read, but I recommend getting a nice beverage before going through the comments because they so many.

But I put some of my favorites below.

– In 19 years of military service, this is the first job I have had where I actually hated coming to work every day and the worst career decision I ever made. I can’t believe I gave up company command for this.

– The only clear strategic objective of CA is continue to exist as a branch. – Do not provide FORSCOM an active duty Civil Affairs force

– Had I not be retiring in 3 years, I would submit my REFRAD.

– I would absolutely not recommend CA to a friend. – Provide feedback for this survey. Do not be like the rest of the branch and sugar coat the results. (Don’t worry, we got you fam) It seems like the Civil Affairs community is in a state of identity crisis. The people in charge want to be operators, but some of them haven’t even gone through selection. Whereas the company grade officers just want to know what they are.

While this no infer that every field grade in the civil affairs branch is toxic and doesn’t care about junior officers, there is a branch problem because nobody knows or wants to change the branch image at the senior level. Will the Civil Affairs be forced to crawl into bed with SOF to remain relevant?Will the brigade HQs have to be dissolved so CA teams get a clear mission and purpose?

Or will the CA guys get their vaunted grey beret so they can feel like one of the boys? But as i wrap this up, a nice PSYOP guy came and sat down and bought me a beer and told me “It’s gonna be a long night.”

This is José reporting live from the CA capital of the world…..BDUBs.

You can also download the survey in PDF form by clicking here.