Weapon discharged on Fort Gordon grounds three arrests made

Three soldiers were arrested last night when Fort Gordon residents alerted the PMO about weapon sounds coming near the vicinity of Cyber Center of Excellence Non-commissioned Officer Academy allegedly from three males firing from within a vehicle.

Multiple military police units were dispatched in the area were and they immobilized the vehicle in question and arrested three male soldiers (PVT-SPC) all with the 518th Signal Company (TIN) and recovered a personal firearm.

The Fort Gordon installation issued the following Statement:

“At approximately 10:30 pm Wednesday night, Fort Gordon law enforcement responded to and detained three Soldiers following a report that a personally owned fire arm was discharged into the air, from a moving vehicle, while the Soldiers were returning to their barracks on post.  Fortunately, no one was injured and there is no known damage to property.   The three individuals remain in custody and the incident remains under investigation by Military Police Investigators (MPI) and Criminal Investigation Command (CID).”