557th MP CO Leadership Fail : When Predators Hide Behind Rank

Sí, this is José . I currently in the land of kimchee and soju, where the juicy girls are too juicy and the Katusas…not so much. But I uncover a story so profound, so astonishing and so crass that the ancient Romans would applaud the debauchery.

My report centers around the toxic, incompetent, predatory climate of the 557th MP Co. but before I start, it worthy to point out that all across the 94th MP BN is jacked up based on all the traffic, but my report would take hours to read, so I get you next time. But this climate didn’t just pop up overnight, it has gone on for years. The last commander was just canned for “allegedly” embezzling FRG funds for personal items, to include furniture for his pad. There was also a shit ton of equipment that has gone missing, to include not knowing where some LMTVs are I was told. Just how does one lose a big ass truck??? My sources tell me that he is currently under investigation as well. But this isn’t the first time a commander got canned for being stupid. The PREVIOUS commander was fired for screwing the XO, oh did I mention he married too. He got outed because when he fired the XO, mostly for screwing half the company NCOs and a couple of spouses, she dropped the video of them screwing on the BC’s desk. So she got “moved” over to 2ID, where there’s much more game to be had, and the commander, since he was at the end of his tenure, was allowed to finish out and then went on to be one of the Provost Marshals over there.

Moving on down the line, 1SG, you’re up! So let’s start with the previous previous 1SG. He was a hard charger, get anything done type of guy. Unfortunately for him, he still had too much of his upbringing in him and used the N word toward a minority, which promptly got reported. But since he was a rising star and no have bad record, it fizzle away and he got his required MSM out the door and is throwing his star around since he got picked up for SGM. Now on to the “current” 1SG. Not to outdone by his predecessor, this guy targets junior soldiers for recreation. Texts are sent, shenanigans are had, and the next thing you know, he’s no longer the 1SG because CID cast their beady eyes on him and opened an investigation for abusive sexual contact and some other stuff.

I spoke to individuals who were/have been harassed by NCOs to have sex with them. Their normal M.O. is to target fresh privates out of AIT with either bullying or coercion. Often if they advance is turned down, the threaten to report them for underage drinking. But junior privates are not the only game in town. Spouses have also been targeted and there’s at least one active investigation currently on a NCO that was texting a spouse trying to get that hook-up on. 3 hour “room checks” have occurred with the NCO applying some “attention to detail” techniques. NCOs go on dates with soldiers, been seen flirting at work, as one lady put it “It’s like the wild west over here”.

Will NCOs actually start living by their creed or will they continue to prey on the young ones? You need to police each other up, not stand in the corner and watch it happen. Will officers start behaving and start enforcing the Oath they took? Your Soldiers and NCO deserve the best from you, not the best 2 minutes you can give them. 94th MP BN, I be watching you. Your formations are in disarray and it’s your duty to put them back in order. Lastly 557th, threatening your Soldiers with CID investigations or courts martials on proves you are scared of what people may find out what’s going on your back yard. Your threats will fail and you will bring down scrutiny like you’ve never seen.

This is José reporting live for USAWTF!