Fort Bliss: Truck Hits Vehicle and Rams Gate to Escape Pursuit

The moment the driver is arrested by MPs Responding to the scene

FORT BLISS, Texas — A high-speed chase occurred this morning on Fort Bliss grounds when at 1015AM a truck, unknown how, hit one of the maintenance vehicles parked in the post DRFF area.

The driver, a civilian with open warrants, abandoned the scene and rammed through Constitution gate gaining access on post with several MP vehicles after him in hot pursuit while driving in excess of 90 miles per hour.

With his vehicle having mechanical difficulties he stopped by one of the post motor pool areas trying to get nearby soldiers to loan him their vehicle “for a few minutes” witnesses reported.

The soldiers, seeing that he was both distressed and under what appeared to be drug influence, instead tried to calm him down until the MP units arrived and arrested him. It is unclear if the vehicle was stolen but the driver had an open warrant for his arrest, which may be the reason he panicked and attempted to flee the scene.
Fort Bliss officials were unavailable for comment.