Thief Steals Money from Disabled Veterans of America Hall

On the morning before 4th of July celebrations, a thief targeted Omaha’s Disabled Veterans of America Hall at 45th and F Streets, stealing thousands of dollars in cash from the organization.

“Obviously he’s pretty brazen. And uncaring,” Jim Skarda, commander of the Omaha DAV said.

Skarda said he showed up to the hall Monday and found a window at the entrance smashed in. Surveillance video showed a suspect coming inside, breaking through an interior door, and making his way into the lounge.

“He had a crow bar with him, and he started prying things apart and helping himself, to whatever he could grab,” Skarda said.

Skarda said the thief took off with around $3,000, including money from a cash register and bills from Keno and Pickle Card machines.

It’s money the DAV uses to provide wheelchairs, transportation, social events and other services for disabled veterans.

“It’s a stab in the back, a stab in the heart, you know,” Skarda said.

The suspect also cut wires outside the hall and left damage to the building. Now the members are left cleaning up and hoping this suspect gets caught.

“We’d just like to get him off the streets,” Skarda said, “We know our loss is our loss, but I wouldn’t want to see anybody else come across this guy.”

The Omaha DAV is hosting a burger night on Tuesday, July 11th, starting at 5 p.m. The event is open to the public. Skarda said these events help the organization raise money for its programming.